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    The TransAtlantic Union: Discussion Event — Sunday, March 3rd, at 3 PM SLT

    Presidents Obama (US) and Barroso (EU) have announced a Free Trade Union between the US and the EU, negotiations starting in June and probably going to take about 2 years; this bit of news didn't get much coverage, except for a few scattered articles and opinions on the day of the announcement. Both presidents also explained that it will be 'more' than merely abolishing import taxes at customs. This has ...

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    Using online tools to forge a new democratic order

    The recent crisis went from being merely a financial one, to quickly spread towards a political one, then to a social crisis, and finally we come to the root of the problem: it's nothing else but merely a crisis of values. These, of course, are deeply set into our current democratic societies, and, as such, are much harder to eradicate. How did democracy, a political system that is viewed as 'the best among ...

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    Joining the #SOPASTRIKE

    We're joining the #SOPASTRIKE and blacking out this site today as suggested by AmericanCensorship.org. Later on, at 3 PM SLT in Second Life, we'll try to organise a small meeting to discuss the SOPA and PIPA bills, and specially how it affects not only the US Web, but also Second Life, and the impact world-wide that it will have. Place is to be announced soon :)

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    Virtual Governance Institute — Just Technology

    This site is absolutely not connected with the Virtual Governance Institute. Nevertheless, it's worth reading about what they provide: technological solutions for virtual governance. They seem to be less concerned with the social aspects — the rights, the norms, the ethics — but just in providing tools that can implement these aspects. This will certainly be the subject of one of the upcoming in-world debates in Second Life: how should social ...

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    How much privacy do we have in Facebook?

    This is definitely a test to see how the Facebook privacy tests are working. A link to this post should appear on Facebook and Twitter without revealing too much information, beyond what I allow: namely, that this comes from the Virtual Governance website. Is this possible at all? Or will Facebook 'leak' information against my wish?

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    Virtual Governance on Second Life’s feature request/bug list

    Prokofy Neva addresses JIRA voting, ostracism on JIRA, and how it relates to a form of governance in Second Life which is not satisfactory: http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2008/11/tangled-web-382.html Read more about Prokofy Neva on virtual governance.