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This site is absolutely not connected with the Virtual Governance Institute. Nevertheless, it’s worth reading about what they provide: technological solutions for virtual governance. They seem to be less concerned with the social aspects — the rights, the norms, the ethics — but just in providing tools that can implement these aspects.

This will certainly be the subject of one of the upcoming in-world debates in Second Life: how should social aspects and policies be implemented? Geeks love the notion of “code is law”, but the truth is, we cannot truly implement all laws using algorithms. Laws require interpretation by humans. So how effective can those tools be? Think about self-moderating forums, that look for keywords and certain phrases to automatically eliminate offending messages (like spam, for example!). If that technology is used to the extreme, it means excluding freedom of expression — automatically.

The Virtual Governance Institute is more concerned about corporate environments, not eminently social ones, thus maybe those kind of automatic tools make more sense for them.

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