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Fighting Internet trolls on the Internet turns them into alt-right voters?

Angela Nagle is a fascinating Irish academic and writer who has written a book about how culture wars typical of the 1990s have migrated to the Internet — but they were twisted so much in this migration process that they are barely recognisable any more, even by those who are […]

Why are hackers so interested in this particular website?…

For some strange reason, this old website about virtual governance is currently under attack by hackers attempting to do a brute-force discovery of the admin passwords. One wonders why, but I suspect that the main reason is that I have left this website neglected for too long, just discovered it […]

CISPA — Throwing sand in our eyes?

I admit I’m confused. The past week I’ve been bombarded with emails from Demand Progress to urge Americans to tell Obama to veto CISPA — the latest incarnation on the SOPA/PIPA style of legislation which will allow police forces and intelligence agencies to get copies of users’ content (emails and […]

Medieval manuscript

Transcript of the event “Free speech in the electronic age”

[2012/10/15 15:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn: So anyway, thanks for coming .) [2012/10/15 15:11] Shay Ellison: thanks for hostng. [2012/10/15 15:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn: A brief introduction… [2012/10/15 15:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn: A year ago or so, some insane people thought that SL would be the right place to discuss issues around governance, democracy, […]

Medieval manuscript

Transcript of session on #Nymwars, September 5, 2010, 3 PM PST

[15:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Anyway .-.. thanks all for coming today/tonight! [15:08] Lilith Ivory giggles [15:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn thinks she’s too far away from the audience [15:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: So, here is what I propose to use as a model… we might change it on future sessions [15:08] Ceorl Onlyone: we […]