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The TransAtlantic Union: Discussion Event — Sunday, March 3rd, at 3 PM SLT

Presidents Obama (US) and Barroso (EU) have announced a Free Trade Union between the US and the EU, negotiations starting in June and probably going to take about 2 years; this bit of news didn’t get much coverage, except for a few scattered articles and opinions on the day of […]

Using online tools to forge a new democratic order

The recent crisis went from being merely a financial one, to quickly spread towards a political one, then to a social crisis, and finally we come to the root of the problem: it’s nothing else but merely a crisis of values. These, of course, are deeply set into our current democratic […]

First event: Monday, Sep 5, 3 PM PST

The first event will be held at the Old Bowl in Alpine Meadow, Confederation of Democratic Simulators, Second Life. The topic will be “Nymwars”, or the current “blogosphere battle” against Google Plus (and Facebook) who refuse to allow users of their service to use pseudonyms on their profiles. Since Second […]