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CISPA — Throwing sand in our eyes?

I admit I'm confused. The past week I've been bombarded with emails from Demand Progress to urge Americans to tell Obama to veto CISPA — the latest incarnation on the SOPA/PIPA style of legislation which will allow police forces and intelligence agencies to get copies of users' content (emails and so forth) without search warrants. Because SOPA/PIPA raised such an international uproar — as many citizens of other countries, most notably France, suddenly realised their own governments had already taken ...
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More tests with Facebook

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but it's incredibly easy to connect to Twitter from within WordPress, but Facebook is a completely different story: it's hard to submit messages without revealing too much information. For instance, I have just realised that Facebook tracks down your IP address and tries to extract location information from it — and then show whatever (and whomever) is available nearby. Stalkers love this feature. This is the default behaviour, you have to explicitly uncheck this option, ...
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Testing posting to Facebook and Twitter

This is just a test to see if we're correctly updating both the Facebook page and the Twitter account for Virtual Governance. Note that since my own Facebook account was cancelled (because I refuse to give Facebook my ID card and change my former account to my real name), I had no option but to get it working from someone else's account. Hopefully this is all set up correctly and works fine...
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