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Using online tools to forge a new democratic order

The recent crisis went from being merely a financial one, to quickly spread towards a political one, then to a social crisis, and finally we come to the root of the problem: it's nothing else but merely a crisis of values. These, of course, are deeply set into our current democratic societies, and, as such, are much harder to eradicate. How did democracy, a political system that is viewed as 'the best among the worst', allowed such things to happen? Could we — ...
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Virtual Governance Institute — Just Technology

This site is absolutely not connected with the Virtual Governance Institute. Nevertheless, it's worth reading about what they provide: technological solutions for virtual governance. They seem to be less concerned with the social aspects — the rights, the norms, the ethics — but just in providing tools that can implement these aspects. This will certainly be the subject of one of the upcoming in-world debates in Second Life: how should social aspects and policies be implemented? Geeks love the notion of ...
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Feature voting is not democracy!

In many online communities, pretty much the only thing that users are allowed to is to vote on 'features' — and almost all are technical features, not social ones. Community managers tend to downplay the importance of allowing their members to participate in the decision processes regarding social issues. In Second Life, for instance, we can vote for a feature, but not against it; features are a list of dozens of thousands, making it impossible to track them down and ...
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