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CISPA — Throwing sand in our eyes?

I admit I'm confused. The past week I've been bombarded with emails from Demand Progress to urge Americans to tell Obama to veto CISPA — the latest incarnation on the SOPA/PIPA style of legislation which will allow police forces and intelligence agencies to get copies of users' content (emails and so forth) without search warrants. Because SOPA/PIPA raised such an international uproar — as many citizens of other countries, most notably France, suddenly realised their own governments had already taken ...
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Joining the #SOPASTRIKE

We're joining the #SOPASTRIKE and blacking out this site today as suggested by Later on, at 3 PM SLT in Second Life, we'll try to organise a small meeting to discuss the SOPA and PIPA bills, and specially how it affects not only the US Web, but also Second Life, and the impact world-wide that it will have. Place is to be announced soon :)
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Big Brother are corporations

When we were warned about the pitfalls of the lack of privacy by writers like George Orwell in 1984, we made sure that our governments protected our privacy and the right to freedom of expression. We felt that the horror of totalitarian regimes was just a step away, and could only be averted by very strict rules about what governments could and could not do; we devised systems of checks and balances to avoid being dragged into a situation where ...
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